Sunday, September 22, 2019
Exclusive underwater Hotels

We are all looking forward to take some time off from work and start enjoying our life until the money runs out. Well here is our top 3 of underwater resorts to dream about! 


Conrad Hotels & Resorts,  Rangali Island, Maledives

 Conrad Hotels & Resorts

As our most favorite place, we nominate this beauty. The paradise palm trees, the wooden shacks, surrounded by the most beautiful water you have ever seen. Inside, a stunning restaurant called the Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, with everything the wildlife has got to offer, and the most colorful riff as scenery. In short, this is how heaven should look like!


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Manta Resort, Pemba Island, Tanzania

 Manta Resort

This ideal resort is situated in the East of Africa and offers the ideal luxurious Robinson Crusoe. Thatched cottages, a jungle nearby, but if you’re not into the adventure, just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ocean surrounding you all the way. The underwater bedroom offers the perfect alternative for a fireplace. Let’s hope the sound of water doesn’t keep you up all night!  The view is just a click away



Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel, Key West, Florida

 Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel

Although this hotel isn’t even build yet, it hasn’t escaped the media since 2015 when there was a huge interest in the plans to build this innovative hotel. 15 different sites have been nominated to be the first underwater hotel, where the coral reef will benefit from a restauration program. After Space Tourism, it’s time to focus on Inner Space Underwater Tourism. 


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Cheaper alternatives

For the ones, like us, that don’t have enough money to even afford the fork on these tables, here are 2 alternatives to have the same vacation feeling.



Otter Inn, Västerås, Sweden

 Otter Inn, Sweden

This 5 by 5 meter hotel offers to the one lucky couple enough space to sit and sleep in the one bedroom suite. A short boat trip from Västerås harbor away, you can find this little cottage on the water. On water level you will find a small kitchen and a toilet for all your disposal needs, and on the sublevel you will be able to drown in … the sheets of your bedroom.  Don’t hesitate for a second, and book your night at the Otter Inn.



Atrium Bar (Radisson Blu), Berlin, Sweden

 Radisson Blu, Berlin

If staying under water is too hard for your claustrophobic self, you can always book a night at the Radisson Blu hotel in Berlin. With their 25 meter tall aquarium at the Atrium Bar, you will feel like a fish in the water, and enjoy your mojito even more. 


What happens in Berlin, stays in Berlin … so don’t forget to book your drink, euh room for the night!


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