Sunday, September 22, 2019
Lilium Jet

In April 2017, in Germany, the first electrical vertical take-off and landing jet made it's virgin flight. Flying cars are here, and they're called Lilium Jets ! 


The future is here. School has started again, and for everyone commuting by car to work, begins a hell of traffic jams, all over again. In 1989, Back to the Future 2, made us believe in a future where the flying car would have taken place in everyday life. And although the date on the time machine (21/10/2015) has already passed, still no flying cars in sight. 

But that is all gonna change, thanks to Lilium

They made a succesful maiden flight with their lilium jet, a 2-seater Eagle Prototype, that would be able to replace cars in the near future. Already working on a van version, the Lilium jet has 5 main features: 


  • 300 km range: Travel from London to Paris in one hour
  • 300 km/h speed: Fly as fast as a Formule 1 car
  • All Electric: commute without emissions and noise pollution
  • On demand: Order your air taxi to the nearby landing pad
  • Low Noise: Access inner citiies with less noise than a motorbike




Their main mission: The aircraft for everyone! You don't need to own one, when you can call one with a single push of a button. Making air taxi's available for everyone, ambitious but definitely a clear improvement on mobility in the future! 


Find out more about the Lilium Jet on the website of Lilium, but first of all, sit back, relax, and enjoy this footage from the first flight! 






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