Sunday, February 17, 2019
Top 10 Diets

Every year, millions of people start going on a diet, and millions of people stop after a couple of months. But what are the 10 most popular diets? 


Medical News Today provided the details on the most popular, according to 3 criteria:

  • Volume of articles
  • Popularity
  • Feedback

We added a personal favorite on number 10, La fille qui cuisine! 



10. La fille qui cuisine

Although this isn't a specific diet, the food made by this lovely girl Dominique, looks absolutely amazing. On top of that, it's always giving alternatives to the less healthier foods. We love foodies, but we love Dominique even more! 


Focusses on: vegetarian

Difficulty level: Moderate

Recipes: 50 recipes (but in Dutch)



9. Mediterranean diet


We Europeans just LOVE going on holiday to the mediterranean Sea: Greece, Crete, Italy. And when in Rome, do as the romans do, and that is enjoy the tasteful food! But what if you could take all that food with you, in this diet?


Focusses on: lots of olive oil, fresh fruit and veggies, beans, and fish. 

Difficulty level: moderate

Recipes: +100



8. Raw food diet


As the name says, this diet believes that at least 75% of your food intake should consist of uncooked food. Mostly focussed on vegans. 


Focusses on: uncooked food

Difficulty level: difficult

Recipes: +100



7. South Beach diet

This diet focusses on the control of your insulin levels, a bit like diabetics need to do. Slow carbohydrates vs fast carbohydrates. 


Focusses on: insulin levels

Difficulty level: difficult

Recipes: 100+



6. Weight Watchers diet

This diet is the most branded diet of all of them. A marketing team offers specific products, that you'll find everywhere in the grocery store. The focus lies on losing weight. 


Focusses on: diet, exercise and support network

Difficulty level: moderate

Recipes: 100+




5. Vegan diet

We discussed vegan in previous diets, but here's the original. Vegan is more than a diet, it's a way of life. It comes from the believe that our modern farming methods are unsustainable in the longterm.


Focusses on: nothing animal-based

Difficulty level: difficult

Recipes: 100+



4. Vegetarian diet

The difference with the vegan diet, is that they do eat eggs, dairy and honey. 


Focusses on: nothing animal-based, except eggs, dairy and honey

Difficulty level: difficult

Recipes: 100+



3. Ketogenic diet

Used as a treatment of epilepsy, it focusses on limiting your intake of carbohydrate, and upping the fat intake. The main goal is that your body starts to burn fat as fuel, instead of carbohydrate. 


Focusses on: increase fat intake, decrease carbohydrates

Difficulty level: moderate

Recipes: 100+



2. The Zone diet

This bases on a nutritional balance of 40% carbohydrates, 30% fats, and 30% protein in EACH meal. On top of that, focus is also put on controlling insulin levels.


Focusses on: nutritional balance and controlling insulin levels

Difficiculty level: difficult

Recipes: 100+



1. the Atkins diet

A low carbohydrate diet with focus on controlling the levels of insulin. Giving your body the focus on making the body use stored fat as a source of energy. 

Kim Kardashian is doing an Atkins diet, are you? 


Focusses on: Low carbohydrate intake

Difficulty level: moderate

Recipes: 100+




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