Nikki Rees - Fitness Mom

Nikki Rees, a living example, of a dream coming true: an amazing body without a diet. Hamburgers, here we come! 

Nikki, mother of 2, has the body everybody wants. Yes, even us, guys! Because face it, who hasn't tried on those pants that used to fit in the middle ages, but now is considered a tanktop used as a thong, when you try to get it on. Who hasn't been uncomfortable in those small pants, scared to move and tear up the whole thing, creating a grand canyon of your ass? 


We have! We even ripped up our pants, just yesterday! Bye bye summer! 


But here comes the basic truth ... you don't need a diet to look great! Nikki decided to end the feeling of being uncomfortable, and started her own fitness Instagram. She's been posting ever since that day, showing her progress and efforts. 



What's her secret?

Instead of dropping everything she loves, and survive on prison food, she does the same as everyone else: enjoying a glass of Prosecco, a hamburger on occasion, or what about those yummy french fries. And instead of having the feeling she cracked, and that she's not able to stick to her diet ... it has become a motivation to just work harder on her body. 


So let's all eat those amazing burgers and fries, and afterwards go to the fitness to let it all out. Perhaps not in the exact named sequence, just in case the hamburgers fight back! 


If you would like to continue following Nikki's process, go ahead and follow her on Instagram



Everyone has a story to tell. What's yours?

Our goal is to inspire people by sharing everyone's story, everyone's passion. We all live by daily routines, gazing our smartphones, tablets, pc's all day, we don't look up anymore to people: our neighbours, strangers, people with a story.

That's our motivation, being part of the change. And that starts ... with you!