Sunday, February 17, 2019
Fitgirlcode - Fitness Lifestyle Food

We've all been there. Summer is coming, and we look like ...yea, we can say it. Shit! But what if we stick to the #fitgirlcode ?


The #fitgirlcode started out as a small Instagram account, you know, the app where you share your photos and get inspired. No not Snapchat! :)

They want us to find the lifestyle that matches our personality. Well, that's gonna be a biggie, because... well... we're guys! But nevertheless, this blog is the real deal. You can tell they're inspired to keep those girls fit! Next to the #guyscode and #bestfriendscode (Kevin Hart's sketch) we now have the #fitgirlcode


Fitness, food and good advice


From Food tips to fitness. From going solo (or both ;) ) to doing everything together with your partner. We definitely liked why it's ok to have a setback. Because face it. At this time in June ... we are all having a setback! Let's just get loaded with coctails untill we forget how we look like. Oops, busted! Apparently someone already made that suggestion: can we workout with a hangover?



Fitness Transformations


We definitely aren't ready yet to send our Fitness Transformations yet, but we'll definitely do once we ... get out of our sofa! 


For the rest of you, be sure to share your progress on Instagram and Facebook, and let these girls from Rotterdam take over the world! 



Everyone has a story to tell. What's yours?

Our goal is to inspire people by sharing everyone's story, everyone's passion. We all live by daily routines, gazing our smartphones, tablets, pc's all day, we don't look up anymore to people: our neighbours, strangers, people with a story.

That's our motivation, being part of the change. And that starts ... with you!