Burning Table

The story of Burning Table began in November 2011. After a long career in last 25 years in different projects, the band united around the core Zsolt Szabo, Levi Molnar (Survolaj) and Bogy Nagy (Crossroads), and decide to name the project Burning Table.


BT found immediate success in 2011 after their debut, concerts and went on to become one of the noticeable newcomers of the 2011. The band release of first studio album, scheduled for beginning of 2013, it will propose a new fresh sound displaying a sound typically identified as rock, with a variety of influences, including classic rock, psychedelic rock, post rock, electronica.


The whole band was present, to do an interview through Skype for What's your Story. They really would like to tour in Europe and the States, so let's check them out!



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